Retail signage still remains the most utilized form of communication in a retail store.  Retail signage has become especially important as stores have continued to cut back on staff to make room for self-serve technology like self-checkouts.  Here are ways to make the most out of your store’s signage in 2022:

  1.  Personalize or Brand your signage: People want to walk into your stores and to know what store they are in while shopping up and down every aisle and in every department.  Inviting customers into your brand helps to build brand loyalty.  For example, one holiday season, a grocery store used cute cartoon charectors interacting with branded store items throughout the entire store.  That was over two years ago, and people still remember that fun signage which brings customers back every holiday season looking for the newest signage.
  2. Interactive signage: This biggest trend in interactive signage for 2021 was QR codes and this will continue to be a popular form of interactive signage for 2022.  Covid-19 has made QR codes easy and creative.  Here are a couple of ways to use QR Code for your store signage:
    1. Drive people to follow your brand on social media
    2. Connect code to giveaways
    3. Coupon codes
    4. Customer surveys
    5. Recipe or style guides

Social media has made customers use to constant communication from brands.  This has helped Brick and Mortor stores get their signs noticed but it has also challenged stores to use more signs to increase their communication.  Stores have also become more depended on signs as more of the in-store shopping experience has become automated.  If you’re in need of new retail signage for 2021, AZPRO can help.  All of our customers signage is designed, printed, and installed by our inhouse team ensuring our customers that the job will get done right and on time.  For a quote, call 866-503-8345.  We are ready to install your store’s signage nationwide.