In the past year and a half of retailers dealing with all the challenges of Covid, we have seen how important it is for retailers to keep their retail signage updated.  For example, if your store’s entry door signage fails to state anything about your store’s state mask policy, you might face your customers with challenges on knowing what the rules are in your store to keep your other customers and your employees safe.  Communicating the most relevant information staying aware of these 3 common retail signage issues, will keep your business ahead of the game!

  1. Small font size – This is consumers’ most common struggle with retail signage!  Small font can lead to traffic jams of frustrated customers trying to read small print to try and figure out what your store is trying to communicate with them.  Think about it this way, you wouldn’t take items you want to put on sale to quickly turn over that inventory, underneath a Sale Sign with font written so small that they don’t see the word sale until they are standing one foot in front of that section!  You want them to see the work “SALE” written in a large and bright font that they can see from 20 feet across the room!
  2. Lengthy messages – This retail signage “no-no” goes along with the small font.  Have you ever stood in front of a sign placed in the middle of your view when you are about to walk through the entry doors of a store that has a message on it that is written in small font and takes up the whole page?  It is obvious that that message is important since it is placed in such a high traffic area but the message is so long that you have to stand there and read it a couple of times to get what the store wants you to do.  Keep the message short and direct.  A Sale sign is a great example of this again, using just the word “Sale” versus “These great items are now available at a discounted price.  This discounted price will allow you to afford quality items from our store at a discounted price that will not last long.  Ask an associate for more information or act now because these discounted prices are only here for a limited amount of time!” (I got winded just writing that statement out).  Keep the message short and direct to get your consumers attention.
  3. Poor signage placement – Our last big retail signage “no-no” is avoid putting retail signage in areas that don’t get noticed.  For example, if you have an expensive carpet store, you wouldn’t put a sign on a dark wall in the corner of your store close to the ground that says “keep your shoes on while shopping”.  The customers’ feet can’t read!  You would place it near the entrance of the store in a bright spot to give your customers a chance to see the signage and to follow your store’s rules.  Think about important signage areas, take note of these areas and communicate them with your store’s manager.

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