Influential retail signage is the process of creating signage that is designed well enough to influence the consumers decision making.  Every consumer has a decision making process, so using retail signage has been and will continue to be an invaluable tool that retailers use to get them to buy what they want them to buy.  Product placement is also a crucial part of influencing a consumer’s decision making process, but we will only be discussing our favorite part, retail signage!  

Here are the steps we recommend to design influential retail signage:

  1. Keep your influential signage message short and direct: You don’t have much time to grab a consumer’s attention to influence the buying decision so keep your message clever (so it will be remembered), short (so it’s easy to read fast), and direct (so it’s easy to understand).
  2. Signage can create emotion: If the consumer has an emotional connection to your signage, they will be more likely to remember it and to even share it (if you are looking for them to share it on social media).  The goal is to create retail signage that makes your consumer feel happy, joyful, nostalgic, excited, just anything that makes them feel good about themselves and your brand/company.  What you don’t want your retail signage to make them feel is confused, frustrated, sad, angry, or any other negative emotion.
  3. Obvious Call-to-action:  The first question you should ask yourself when designing signage (or anything) is “What is the goal?”.  If your goal is to have your signage is to get your customer to buy cosmetics during your Friends and Family Sale, then have your signage say “50% Off ALL Cosmetics*”, this message is short and exciting.  The consumer sees a percentage off, and the word ALL in all caps.  The asterisk is a great way to keep the message short and sweet so you can add any details (keep it short again) in smaller lettering below.  

Is it time to create influential retail signage for your retail store?  It probably is!!  Call 866-503-8345 for a quote to have retail signage designed, printed, and installed by the experts at AZPRO.