A retail business has so many options to choose from when searching for a retail signage company.  Whether searching for a retail signage company or a large format printing company, you have choices from franchise printers, large corporate printers, or mid-sized specialty printers.  All these different options make it difficult for a store owner to choose from when finding a large format printer that can design, print, and install retail signage that is both functional and appealing for their customers.  Here are a couple of questions to consider to find the best retail signage company to fit your businesses needs:

Are they a “one-stop-shop” printing company?

Not all signage companies design, print, and install all of your retail signage for all of your store locations.  If you are investing in changing out the signage for all of your stores and you have many stores that need to get done in a certain time frame and they need to be done correctly to maintain the brand’s image, then find a retail signage company that does it all!  A company that does it all can ensure that all the signs that you have invested a large amount of money into go in the right places and are installed at the right time.

What is the companies capacity?

It is important to communicate the size of the signage job and the time frame that you need the job completed with the large format printing companies you get a quote from.  Our retail signage team has the capacity to run three shifts between over 100 skilled team members with 7 top-of-the-line large format printers to produce over 12,000 sq feet of signage per hour.  Any printing company should be able to communicate with you their capacity when discussing the job that you need to be done.

What are their customer service capabilities?

This is the last question we want to discuss because it is so important and is usually forgotten about until you need customer service the most.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out what a companies level of customer service might be.  To get an understanding of a companies customer service, ask them if they have account managers, how many accounts at a time does an account manager manage, what kind of reviews do they have on Facebook and/or Google.  Some companies might even provide a list of references if asked.  It is important to find a company that cares about your business as much as you do.

AZPRO can design, print, and install retail signage jobs of all sizes to make sure your brand gets seen and your messages get noticed.  We care about your business as much as you do because we know that we would not be here without the support of our customers.