The places to put your store’s retail signage is truly unlimited.  From the floor to the ceiling, the parking lot to the exterior walls, you could cover your store in signage!  Here are our teams top places to put retail signage to get your signage seen:

  1. Ceiling signage:  Hanging signage area is usually reserved to letting customers know what is down certain isles, labeling different departments, and marketing the stores check out area.  But it is also a great space to set the tone for the store.  For example, if you want your consumer to get the spirit of whatever holiday is coming up, hanging retail signs is a great place to do this!  Think of it this way, you want your customer to walk into your grocery store and to get inspired to buy hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, or egg nog on a cold December winter day, hang snowflakes coming down from the ceiling under the respective aisles or right when they walk in the store to get them into the spirit.
  2. End-of-aisle displays: This is also known as the “End-Cap” area in your store or in the point-of-sale area (check out).  Now this has changed to be the plastic divider between you and the checkout clerk.  Whatever space is the final area to be seen and remembered is a great place to end your “signage conversation” with your customers.  Tell them what will be happening next week at the store, what they might have missed, something they should quickly add to their purchase because it is new.  This is a great departing message space especially if it is put on the plastic dividers many retailers have installed during covid.
  3. Anti-theft detector towers: Anti-theft detector towers have always been and always will be ugly towers placed around the entrance/exits around the store.  Someone had the great idea to use these as a signage opportunity.  It might not be the most seen area because it is a space that is lower to the ground and usually angled so it is hard to see the message on the front, but it is a space to add a pop of color to help set the energy when your customers enter and exit your store.  

Has your store used any of these retail signage placements?  Our team can help design, print, and install EVERY type of retail signage to fit whatever space your store has.  If it is time to add or replace your retail signage, call 866-503-8345 or visit our website to fill out a form and to submit any artwork that you might have for a quote.