As consumers continue to become more and more dependent on attention grabbing, short storied social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tic-Toc, their overall attention span and ability to repeatedly recognize the same information is becoming increasingly shortened.  The average attention span of a consumer pre tic-toc was around 20 seconds, you now have 5-10 seconds to grab their attention with a video, images, or written messages.  The best way to counteract these growing issues that all retailers in all industries are facing, is to continue to display NEW retail signage.

New retail signage gives retailers the ability to use different color schemes, characters, fonts, and verbage for their call to actions.  It also opens up different placement opportunities like End Caps, Hanging Signage, Floor Graphics, Banners, Cart Corral Signage, Window Clings, and more.  

Changing the placement of your retail signage can direct your consumers’ views to different places around your store which is easier than constantly moving products around to improve a sell through rate of a product you are trying to get rid of.  With all the different options of retail signage, there are unlimited ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand throughout their whole shopping experience!

Retailers need to continue to keep their retail signage fresh and engaging.  Investing in this engagement on a regular basis is important to keep your customers from going to one of your competitors.  Our award winning graphic designers have extensive experience in using the right graphics, fonts, and colors to make a brand stand out to the consumer they are looking for!  If it’s time to change the signage for your company, call 866-503-8345 or click here to submit your brands artwork and to speak with a representative.